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Why does my sewing machine keep jamming the needle?

I’ve been sewing home decor fabric with my Singer machine. I sewed over a thick spot in the fabric and my needle broke, so I replaced it with a new needle. Now when I put the needle down it hits the throat plate and not the hole it is suppose to. I’ve replaced the needle a few more times and the same thing happens to each one. Why is the needle not lining up the way it should be? How do I fix it?

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2 Responses to “Why does my sewing machine keep jamming the needle?”

  1. madmother15 says:

    It sounds as if your needle position was dislodged when you broke the needle, or the needle holder is bent from forcing the thick fabric through. If you can change the needle position, try that, if something was bent, you may need a service person to take a look.

  2. kay says:

    Sounds like you’ve bent the needlebar or it’s come loose from its guides. This is probably a repair shop job, as you won’t have the parts.

    Just in case, though, check to see that the needleplate is correctly positioned. If it is, it’s time for the shop.

    Is there a way to open the case directly above the foot and needle and see what’s going on?
    If this is an inexpensive machine, it may not be worth repairing.

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