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where could I find information on sewing machines with embroidery capabilities?

I need a regular sewing machine but would like to have the option to do some embroidery. Where could I find a site that would narrow down the research time. Anyone?
Thank in advance.

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  1. Frances Collins says:

    Hello, I just bought an embroidery sewing machine with the help of this really cool site. It made researching very easy. Good Luck and happy sewing.

  2. juanitasinclair says:

    My favorite is the ‘Brother’ brand. I’ve had both the sewing machine with many good patterned stitches and the smaller, embroidery-only machine. I’ve used both, the each have their purposes and good and bad points (watch the bobbin winder operation).

    Dealers will readily show how these machine work and usually have classes on how to use the machines for all kinds of fancy work.

  3. kay says:

    You may not want a machine that does both… when the embroidery unit is engaged, you can’t sew… and you have to hang around waiting for the embroidery to finish up a color so you can start a new one. Often, an embroidery only machine and a sewing only machine are no more expensive than the combination units.

    Here’s my standard beginner sewing machine advice:

    I don’t do computerized machine embroidery (it’s a whole world unto itself, and requires a fair upfront investment in supplies — and I prefer the look of hand embroidery, as well as enjoy doing hand embroidery). Here’s a beginner’s guide to computerized embroidery machines, however:

    And you can always do free motion embroidery on any sewing machine — instead of a computer, you control the hoop. Here’s a fellow who’s a master at it:

    Here are a couple of online companies with a wide range of both sewing machines and embroidery machines — just to give you an idea of what’s out there. I strongly believe, however, that most newbies are best off buying from local dealers who will provide support.

  4. pattiann42 says:

    Go to Walmart and buy the Brother SE 400. How is that for fast?

    Reviews –

    If you want to spend more, visit sewing machine dealers and they will demo the company brands they contract with. Brother or Babylock are the best.

    I started machine embroidery several years ago with a Brother PE 150 from Walmart. It was an embroidery only machine as was easy to use. I traded up a few years later for a Babylock with more bells and whistles.

    There are many sites that will help you learn to use the embroidery machine – Embroidery Library’s Techniques & Tips is the best I have found –

    PS – you stay with the machine as it embroiders, so having two machines would not be worth the additional expense.

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