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where can i buy sewing machine needles from??

hi can anyone tell me where can i buy sewing machine needles from for my singer sewing machine does it depend on the model of the machine or are all machine needles the same?? I hope someone can help

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  1. Steve says:

    I believe that all needles are the same. You can get them from any fabric store or fabric sections of stores. I would check Jo-Ann Fabrics or even Wal-Mart for needles. If you can’t find them there, I am sure they can direct you to where you can find them.

  2. worldstiti says:

    take your machine info to jo-ann or hancock fabrics some machines require certain needles, it also depends on the fabric and thread you are going to use

  3. h_brida says:

    Go to a place with needles and actual “help”. Say you have a Singer with a [ ] needle. Fill in the blank with either “slanted” or “standard straight”. If you have your model number, you may be able to double-check with that.

    If it’s a major fabric place, if they have any needles, they will have ones that will work for you. I’ve gotten needles at Wal-Mart, at Joann’s, at Michael’s and many just fabric places. I can even get them in the “housewares” area of the local hardware store.

    I believe Bernina needles are a different length.

    Choose the needles according to what you will be sewing. Beyond just regular old needles, there are special ball-point needles for sewing knits, there are skinnier needles for sewing fine fabrics, and there are heavier needles for sewing jean denim. You probably won’t ever need leather needles, but there are also those for Singers.

  4. nessy says:

    joanne fabrics

  5. jelle says:

    Find out what model you have and go to any fabric or craft store.

  6. kay says:

    Just about any fabric store or sewing machine shop, if your machine was made in the last 60 or so years. Both Singer and sewing machines use a needle system variously designated as 15×1, 130/705, and Singer’s own part numbers. A real sewing machine shop will be able to look up your machine model (if it’s quite old) and confirm that that is the correct needle system.

    Good needle manufacturers include Schmetz (probably the easiest to find), Klasse, Organ and Groz-Beckert. When I examined several packages of Singer needles with a micrometer, I found more variance within the Singer needles than with the other manufacturers I checked… but Singer needles work fine in most machines, too.

    I have a fairly strong preference for Schmetz needles because they have a variety of points suitable for various purposes like embroidery, top stitching, quilting, stretch fabrics, and closely woven fabrics, and I can pick them up almost anywhere. Singer needles are often available only in sharps and stretch — and some fabrics really sew better with a slightly different needle point. If you’d like to look at comparisons of point styles within Schmetz needles, take a look at some photos I took last summer:

    For general purpose sewing, you can probably get away with size 12 and 14 “universal point” Schmetz needles, if you don’t want to buy a bunch of different types.

    Just be sure you’re not buying needles with needle systems like DBx1, JLx1, etc — those are serger needles and not the same as sewing machine needles (though some sergers use the same needles as sewing machines.)

  7. Go Jets says:

    Look in any local fabric store, they are very likely to have them. If for some reason they don’t, go to a local convenient store.

  8. fatima35121 says:

    I have bought sewing needles from the dollar tree stores. They are usually on the back wall.

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