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When you sew, can you sew over a pin?

I wanna sew a skirt and I need the elastic to stay, so could I sew over the pin?
I’m trying to sew this skirt:,r:21,s:0&biw=1438&bih=779

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11 Responses to “When you sew, can you sew over a pin?”

  1. la loca says:

    I strongly do not recommend sewing over the pin, perhaps try and place the pin slightly above where you are sewing, you may bust your needle, or damage your machine.

  2. Smurf says:

    Not really because the sewing machine doesn’t sew metal things, only fabrics

  3. sbbbbb says:

    Yeah, you can. It wont damage the machine, since your sewing over it..not sewing on it. I sew quite frequently, and I always lay my pins vertical, and sew right over them horizontally, and the stitch well stay there. Than I remove the pins.

  4. Lisa H says:

    you really shouldn’t sew over the pins. they could break the needle and possibly damage the machine or yourself.

    when you sew with pins you need to pull them right before you sew into the area being held by the pin. you can use some sort pin type Stiletto to help push the fabric threw. you could also baste together the materials using a very long stich length or baste by hand to hold it together.

    something like this is great for guiding fabric into the machine:

  5. Lizzy Fizzer says:

    It depends . . . You can sew over the pins, but sometimes if it catches it wrong the needle of the machine will break.

  6. kay says:

    Don’t sew over pins. Chances are that you’ll hit one one day, and break or bend the pin, damage the fabric, put a nick in the machine, and/or break the needle. If you’re going to use pins, pull them out before they get to the foot. Better, learn to sew with few or no pins.

    Some examples of sewing without pins:

    You’ll need to stretch the elastic as you sew the skirt body to the elastic. You will almost assuredly break a few needles while learning how to sew elastic and fabric together. Practice with scraps ahead of time.

    By the way, putting the elastic in a casing is much, much easier than sewing elastic directly to the skirt.

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