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what sort of sewing machine do I need to start quilting?

I am a beginner to sewing and quilting.I have no previous knowledge of quilting.

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3 Responses to “what sort of sewing machine do I need to start quilting?”

  1. shanti804 says:

    Try it by hand it is much better

  2. Susan S says:

    I am a beginner myself. I have made several quilts (not that many), and have many many planned. But since you are a beginner too, maybe this will help. My machine was a very inexpensive model. Just your everyday run of the mill sewing machine, but it works just fine for the basic sewing and quilting. However, I wish that I would have invested a little more and gotten a few more features, like being able to drop the feed dogs for free motion quilting (you can cover them though with a darning plate), or one with more stitches. Just depends on how much you have to spend. I think that if you are on a budget, then a basic sewing machine will do the job. But if you can invest more, and plan on using it a lot, then why not get one with all the features that you want. By the way, I prefer machine quilting to hand quilting any day, but then again, I am a very impatient person and want things done a lot faster.

  3. syndeelu says:

    For general quilting you really only need a straight stitch. As you gain experience quilting a machine that does blanket stitching and a blind stitch for applique is important. Some machines offer two blanket stitch styles – a heavy and light stitch – which can be important for working with different sized applique pieces.

    Free motion quilting is also a great ability to have, so a machine that lets you drop the feed dogs and comes with a darning foot is key there.

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