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What should I sew next?

I’ve alread sewn pajamas a sun dress made blue jeans into a floor length skirt and sewn a flare knee length skirt. What should I sew next?
I just need something to do

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5 Responses to “What should I sew next?”

  1. trackstar_rhi says:

    Um make a cute pillow out of old t’s or something.
    Make a nightgown!

    help wannabe’s please?;_ylt=AhVi5cnqEWWn06L8gygDr53sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080706124321AAD3NwC

  2. bri_cute_fly says:

    make an awesome shirt

  3. burt0ng1rl says:

    Purses :)

  4. freetarot says:

    What sewing technique should you address next? Have you done buttonholes? Zippers? French Seams or Flat-Felled seams? Figure out what technique you should learn next, then make a project requiring that technique.

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