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What lubricants should I use for a pedal powered sewing machine?

What should I use inside the machine head (the sewing machine part of it)? And what should I use for the drive parts under the machine?

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3 Responses to “What lubricants should I use for a pedal powered sewing machine?”

  1. jolo says:

    3 in 1 oil, is good for oiling sewing machine parts.

  2. handiguy says:

    Any vacuum and sew center will have sew oil (very lightweight oil). If one is not available, WD40 will work great. Don’t get any on the bobbin or the parts where the thread runs through as you need “friction” from these areas to work properly. Good Luck!

  3. kay says:

    Sewing machine oil and sewing machine grease — both easily available. Don’t use WD-40 (it’s a solvent) nor 3-in-1 or similar household oils — they seize up.

    Check with the nice folks at Treadleon or the yahoo group “wefixit” for more information on lubricants for special purposes. Sometimes the teflon lubricants are useful.

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