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What is the best sewing machine to use for leather?

I have recently bought a sewing machine that isn’t stitching leather as well I had hoped! Its just a domestic machine, but I have put leather needles in there.
Are there any other machines out there, reasonably priced that could handle leather stitching you know of??

Thanks!!!! :)

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3 Responses to “What is the best sewing machine to use for leather?”

  1. pattiann42 says:

    Before investing in a new machine try either a Teflon presser foot or a roller foot and see if that does not help.

    Also, try reducing the presser foot pressure. This is a knob, button or wheel (depending on the brand and make of the SM) located on the very top of the sewing machine and directly over the presser foot. The manual for your machine will provide more details.

  2. f100_supersabre says:

    Most “standard, or domestic” machines do NOT have the power to stitch any but the thinnest “glove” leather, nor will they handle the heavy thread used on heavier leather.

    You need a heavy duty commercial machine designed for the work. Sorry, but they are simply NOT cheap.

    (I have an old Singer, #7, bookbinding machine myself. It is what they call a “one-shot” in that you have to press the release trigger for EACH stitch.)

  3. kay says:

    You can’t go much over pigsuede with a standard home sewing machine… above that, you really need a proper leather machine. (And a lot of the cheaper home machines won’t handle pigsuede anyhow).

    First thing to check: put in a regular needle and see how it sews on a standard fabric. Many, many “this machine is broken” problems are really misthreaded or dirty machine problems. Rule that out first before trying leather.

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