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What are the best simple sewing machines available ?

My wife is a very good seemstress, but she does not have a good reliable sewing machine. She wants a machine that is
is very simple, very reliable, and of good quality. Any suggestions ?

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12 Responses to “What are the best simple sewing machines available ?”

  1. porsche_lover4ever says:


  2. hip lady says:

    singer has always been good to me.

  3. mackdr20032003 says:

    needle and thread

  4. chuckles says:

    SINGER is a great sewing machine!!!! very durrable and easy to use!!! you can fint them at nearly ant craft store, fabrick store, or walmart!!

  5. Eleanor B says:

    Singers are very good and reliable – they last a lifetime and even old models are fairly easy to get parts for – I also have an old Jones sewing machine that I wouldn’t be without. However, bear in mind that whilst older machines are generally simpler, they do not have the range of stitches of modern machines (such as button-holing, blanket stitching, etc.)

  6. William C says:

    Go to a sewing store repair store or repairman and buy a rebuilt one that he will give you a warranty on.

  7. monkey says:

    try not to get the cheap plastic kinds which are small and inexpensive, because in the long run they will cause you alot of trouble.but the best company is definately singer.they are simple but they actually work…THEY ARE GOOD QUALITY..

  8. Tracy M says:

    I’m going against popular opinion and would recommend a Husqvana….go to a sewing machine store and look at the different brands and models and get a good one (the cheapest good one you can find). Husqvana is very reliable and as far as I know Singer machines are not even made by Singer anymore and haven’t been for a long time…another company bought the rights to the name. I would suggest taking your wife with you to choose one since she is the one who knows what she is looking for.

  9. ♡TORI♡ says:

    I have used my Sears Kenmore for 29 years without any breakdowns or repairs. This would be my recommendation for
    a reliable,easy to use inexpensive machine for her. Nice of you to be thinking of getting her a new one.

  10. jay p says:

    buy an old singer, my 1927 works great, all metal and easy to use..75 bucks should get you a nice one.

  11. The bald Fraggle.. says:

    I have a Brother, and have never had a prolly with it. There are more expesive, with more stitch patterns but I don’t see where they are beter

  12. Deb says:

    i would only say singer if you are buying a used machine. a singer you buy now isn’t going to be the singer of yesterday. you didn’t mention your price range. since your wife is a very good seamstress for a cost effective machine i would say a very basic janome. they seem to have the best stitch quality in a lower price range. (janome makes machines for kenmore (sears)) if you can afford a more expensive machine i would then say either a bernina, viking or pfaff. these 3 are very top of the line machine. sewing machines believe it or not are a very personal item. it would be best for your wife to pick out her own machine. a machine that one person finds very easy to use may be harder for someone else. i had a machine that was a very basic machine but to me it didn’t make sense the way it threaded. i didn’t keep that machine very long. there wasn’t anything wrong with it and i talked to others that really like it but to me it was hard to thread. i think it is wonderful you want your wife to have a new machine. have fun shopping.

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