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track weft and sewn in?

I’ve had clip in extensions for a while but now i’m ready for the actual hair extensions! i tried to do some research but im not sure what is the difference between track weft and sewn in? they sound like they’re both just sewn in but i have a stylist who charges them as separate so there MUST be soemthing different between the two…

so yahoo! answers, tell me what is the difference between the two!!

also if you have had experience with either or both give me a recommendation. i’d like a very long hair like maybe 21 inches extensions and short ones for my bangs. i have straight cut across bangs that fall on my eyes but i have to cut them 1 inch or so because they are damaged on the ends

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3 Responses to “track weft and sewn in?”

  1. OMG LIZ says:

    sewn in – is sewn in, track weft is glued in

  2. Marion says:

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    tnx for info….

  3. Gene says:

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