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Thinking about buying a sewing machine?

I currently do not know how to sew but with the economy like it is I am trying to find new ways to save money. Is sewing my families clothing really going to save me money? What is a good cheap beginner sewing machine?

I have a family of three soon to be four.

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  1. Just Me says:

    it might save you money but you will still have to buy the fabric, thread, and supplies. so over all i don’t know if it would be a huge money saver.

    But I love to sew, I make quilts.

    Try shopping at second hand stores. I know, i didnt like the idea at first either. but I went to Savers and they have nice good clothes there. also try like a Good Will type store.
    Hit up some yard sales too. you never know, sometimes you find good thing. =)

  2. kay says:

    Unless you shop for fabrics very hard, it’s going to be tough to save money by sewing compared to, say, shopping for clothes at Walmart. You can, however, save considerably by mending your clothes, by doing basic alterations, and by getting good enough that you can sew more upscale items.

    Here’s my beginner sewing advice:;_ylt=Aj_OGsuLAXuXRSGz8iXvjvDty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101001182436AANGnVs&show=7#profile-info-1t61t0IUaa

  3. Peaches DLC says:

    if your not sure.. you should ring up a few places first & ask for prices & specs then do a price comparison online.. now trying to search for the cheapest online could take hours so i recommend you just download this free web app that I use to buy anything online.. it basically works with any search engine like yahoo…it will do a quick automatic price comparison for you on all online stores showing lowest to highest prices including product photos.. see how you go

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