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Singer sewing machine: bobbin?

I know what’s going wrong: When I try to grab the bobbin and pull it through, the needle instead sends the thread through and the thread gets caught.
I don’t know WHY. I would like to know why.
This sounds a little demanding, but I can’t state this any simpler.

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2 Responses to “Singer sewing machine: bobbin?”

  1. p0k3y302 says:

    My moms feather weight did this till i found out i had the bobbin string coming from the wrong side of the bobbin. It was wrapped over from left to right but it should have been right to left. You may try that approach.

  2. kay says:

    Not quite sure what you’re trying to say, but I think you’re having trouble fetching the bobbin thread up.
    Make sure you’ve threaded the bobbin correctly into the bobbin case:
    Then hang on to the thread tails when you take the first stitches of each seam.

    Also make sure you’ve got the bobbin unwinding in the correct direction in the bobbin case.

    Are you new to machine sewing? What’s the model of the machine? Or at least what style of bobbin case do you have?

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