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Sewing Project: sewing a backpack?

I’m going to make my backpack this year for high school. I want it to be easy to sew on my machine (basic sewing machine) but very sturdy and strong considering I’ll have a lot of books to carry. Any other tips would be appreciated.



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  1. kay says:

    You might want to consider buying the straps premade… they’re not hard to find that way, and they can be difficult to sew if you want the nice padded straps — last time I was in Rose City Textiles, they had nice ones for a few bucks. Call Annette in Rose City’s retail store.

    Here’s a good site to start with for supplies and patterns: — pay attention to the section on needles and threads. If your machine balks sewing heavy stuff, it’s too heavy for your machine. Take that section to someone with an industrial machine or one of the old black Singers that sew through about anything.

    If you’re carrying a lot of weight (well, much more than a sack lunch most of the time), use a waist strap. Your back will thank you… if not now, when you’re a bit older. Don’t ask me how I know.

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