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Sewing machine/bobbin question?

Hi, I’ve just got a Prolectrix 8 Stitch Sewing Machine off of ebay and I have no idea where to get the drop in bobbins from. It’s my first one and I’m hoping to make some baby clothes for my daughter. Please don’t tell me I’ve wasted my money and it’s no good :-( Where can I get the drop in bobbins from?? When I google them they have no thread on…. so confused!!
I’ve not got the sewing machine yet. Only just baught it on ebay :-) It say it has a manual with it so gonna have a look when it arrives. I googled the drop in bobbins and it’s those that look as though they have no thread on

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  1. tuppence says:

    Hi, Where the needle comes down, you should see a square case and that is where the bobbin goes. On my one, I just slide the plastic cover away and it exposes the bobbin area.

    Do you not have an instruction manual to go by? Also, I don’t quite understand you saying that you googled them but they have no thread on ……?!

    Anyway, if you can’t find what I have described then you do have an issue because every single sewing machine is made like this and you cannot use one without it!!!

    Let me know if you find it.

  2. Mommiedearest says:

    These should help. I did not go through them but just looking at the first looks like it would be worth the time to check it out.

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  3. kay says:

    Take the existing bobbins to the nearest sewing machine repair shop and ask them what bobbins they are, and do they have extras. Or use the customer care contact at Prolectrix web page:

    Do you have the manual for this machine? It’s pretty important, especially for a beginner. Many of the sewing machine companies now offer a pdf manual, often for free.

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