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sewing machine wont sew?

my mom said she think its a mis threading problem which its brand new so that would be the only logical explanation. Its a brother sewing machine limited edition.

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  1. RoofingPrincess says:

    Time to get out the manual and try threading it again.
    If you can’t master threading properly on your own, the dealer who sold you the machine may be able to help. Some places give “how to use your new machine” lessons

  2. Chatter M says:

    Hi, I’ve had a similar problem with a Brother sewing machine. I was threading the machine wrong.

    When you put the spool of thread on., then you thread it through the next hole… here was my error….you need to make sure when you bring the thread down and then back up that it is on the correct side of the path. (hope you can understand that!) Look very closely at the book picture. Or you can find it on ehow. Once I learned to keep it correctly, all was ’sewing heaven’.

    Hope this helps you out. Enjoy your new machine!

  3. wardrobebycj says:

    My niece has a brother that was a bit wierd to thread at first, but like the other answer, once we carefully followed the instruction, it became a breeze. Same for filling the bobbin. Like anything new there is a learning curve.

  4. kay says:

    Chances are it’s misthreaded. Thread again, manual in hand, –>>making sure you’re threading with the presser foot UP< <--and read each step of the threading sequence out loud before you do it. It helps your fingers keep caught up with your brain. That fixes an amazing number of problems all by itself.
    If you've got a removable bobbin case, make sure the bobbin case is seated securely and latched.

    If you're the one who put in the needle, take it back out again and look. There's a flat side to the needle shank and it has to be towards the back of the machine and fully up in the needle clamp for stitches to be able to form.

    If you’re not the person who put in the needle, it may have come loose or gotten a little bit damaged during shipping. Loosen the needle clamp thumbscrew and push the needle up firmly while you tighten the thumbscrew. Try again. Still no luck? Put a brand new size 80/12 needle in the machine, right way around, and try again. Slightly damaged needles do all sorts of strange things, including not stitch.

    If you’re still not getting stitches, one more thing to check, and that’s the timing. Take a look at the bobbin case area and move the handwheel in the direction that would cause fabric to move from the front to the back of the machine. You’re looking for a little gizmo that grabs the bobbin thread and wraps it with the top thread, like this: The red jobbie is the “sewing hook”, and it’s the job of the sewing hook to pick up the thread from the bobbin (white circle in the middle) and deliver a loop to the needle.
    Find it and make sure the hook is picking up thread.

    If it still isn’t working, then you’re probably at the point where it would be best to talk to the dealer.

    Here are a couple of more sets of photos that may be useful to you as a beginner…
    here I’m putting a bobbin in a drop in bobbin machine,
    and here’s a set of photos of how I made a machine in perfect working order misbehave by slight misthreadings and not starting a seam correctly:

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