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Sewing machine settings to sew jeans?

I want to gem my jeans on my sewing machine but I don’t know what the settings should be on the sewingachone to sew really thick denim. Have a singerachine if thathelps. Thanks

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  1. Allan G says:

    I work at a sewing repair shop (doing other things) and people always bring the machines in because they use the wrong needle and try to go to fast which throws the machine out of time

    I’m not sure on the tension and what not but definitely get a denim needle, and let the machine do the work – nice and slow

  2. David S says:

    If your Singer was made in the last 20 or so years, I would use caution sewing the crotch seam but the hem on the legs should be no problem. You should leave the tensions alone, increase your stitch length to maximum, and sew slowly as you go over the parts of the hem where the fabric is thickest.
    Using a DENIM needle is mandatory as the point is longer and sharper, the shank of the needle is stiffer, and I would recommend using a size 16 (100).
    The reason for the caution above is that the newer Singer machines are NOT made by the Singer company you may remember from yesteryear, but are made by a company called MERRITT. They are just not as well made as the earlier Singers, and can actually be damaged by sewing things that are too heavy for them.

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