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sewing machine/ serger?

i’m looking for a serger/sewing machine combination. like a sewing machine that you can switch to a serger and switch back. what are these machines called? i DON’T want a machine that sews and serges at the same time.

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2 Responses to “sewing machine/ serger?”

  1. kay says:

    No such beast. Basic home sewing machines and sergers are two different critters. There are “cut and sew” attachments for sewing machines that act somewhat like sergers (stitches are different and the attachments never seem to work well long).


    sewing machine:

  2. Serious Sewing says:

    There are sewing/embroidery combo machines. And there are serger/coverstitch combo machines–is that what you mean?

    There are no machines that serge and sew. Those are two completely different processes.

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