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Sewing lessons near Danbury CT?

Does anyone know of a business or person that teaches sewing lessons using a sewing machine in the Danbury CT area? I have google many places, but their numbers are all out of service leading me to believe they are no longer in business.

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  1. Donya says:

    Try asking at the local fabric store or ask at sewing machine sales and service outlets. In the fall, some schools and rec centres offer sewing classes. You may be able to find someone who gives private lessons.
    Below is a link to help get you started. The public library has a good selection of sewing books to look at as well. The Singer books are very good.
    Youtube has a lot of great links for you also.
    Start small so you don’t become overwhelmed. Happy sewing!

  2. pattiann says:

    Check with sewing machine dealers and your local community college.

    Fabric stores may have a bulletin board where this type of service is listed by their customers – ask.

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