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Sewing craft gift ideas ?

Things i can sew to give to families as a gift . Thanks(:

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  1. River Racer says:

    Go to Hobby Lobby. They have all of the fabrics ever. I got some rose fabric once along with some pink fabric and made a cute stuffed heart.

  2. mom of a boy and girl says:

    You can do what I do every year. You can make a big stocking. Get a big paper bag from the grocery store. . Just slit the bag on each side and cut the top off. Now you have 2 pieces . Craft stores may have xmas stockings to buy. Measure the size of your bag. .so you can lay the stocking on it and trace it with a pencil. Naturally you will need 2 pieces so you can sew them together.
    Use colored felt material. It takes 1 yard to make 6 of these stockings. Fold the material in half and you can lay 6 different paper stocking on each yard and pin together and cut out. Each cut out has 2 pieces to it. (because it is folded over)
    You can add a piece of felt to the top so it looks like it was folded over. (do each piece seperate for this part) Then sew together.
    Decorate thousands of ways. Then I always put a few things inside each stocking. I also made several. In fact it is time for me to start doing this now in time for Christmas. 1 Bolt makes 100 stockings. I give 95% to the churches in my area.

  3. coffee_pot12 says:

    I did this last year…go to thrift shop and look for really nice towels, the small hand towels or the big bath towels. cut them to the size needed for a hanging kitchen towel. sew around the ragged edges with contrasting thread in zig zag stitch, use a very large yarn needle to start a yarn line across the top.

    - – - – - – - –

    made a bunch of them last year.

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