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Question for people who sew?

For something to do this summer, I decided I am going to design and sew my own dress.
I’ve already got it designed, and I have had begginer sewing lessons, but I’ve only ever sewed with a pattern! How do I sew something that I have completely made up??

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7 Responses to “Question for people who sew?”

  1. danielle c says:

    make a pattern!
    they have pattern paper at your local sewing store!

  2. belinda 2 says:

    Find a pattern that is suitable for a beginner and similar to your dress. You will need to learn how to read and use a pattern. Buy yourself some cheap fabric and sew up a couple of dresses for practice. That’s called making muslins, because muslin is an inexpensive fabric that is often used to make muslins. After you’ve had that experience, you’ll be ready to stitch up your real dress.

    I have a friend who started sewing a couple years ago, and she is completely anti-pattern. When she makes something, she needs to try and try to make it on her own. She wastes lots of fabric that way. Learning to use patterns really is a shortcut. Patterns can be altered once you learn some basic techniques, but you’re not ready for that yet. In a year or two, you’ll be ready for that.

  3. Alexa says:

    You need to learn to make patterns and then apply your design.

    Get this book for starters –

  4. kay says:

    Generally, it’s easiest for beginners to choose a pattern similar in silhouette and style to the one they’ve designed, and then modify the pattern… this is somewhat the idea behind Simplicity’s Project Runway line, but you can use any pattern that’s close. If you can put your design up someplace where we can see it, we can probably help you find a starting pattern. When you’re looking for a pattern, look at the black and white line drawings rather than at the color photos or drawings.

    If you don’t want to use a commercial pattern, then you need to either drape or draft a pattern of the correct size and style. Draping is what you usually see the contestants in Project Runway doing — but you really need a dress form to work on, as it’s really difficult to drape on yourself.

    Alternatively, you can draft a pattern… there are a number of books and videos available, but it really is pretty time consuming to do it properly. Here’s an example of a pattern drafting text:

    Or you can hire a patternmaker or draper to turn your sketch into a pattern… if you’ve got a local college with a theatre department, they may have some student patternmakers willing to work for a reasonable sum, but the more complex the pattern, the more it will cost. For instance, it takes me about 45 minutes to draft a basic pair of pants, and probably an hour to two hours to restyle them. A simple bodice takes me about an hour to drape and balance, then I may spend 10 hours styling it. So the custom way is not exactly inexpensive.

  5. Carol says:

    You will need to draft a pattern to use making sure the size is correct by pinning it together and trying it on. Before you cut your fabric. You an use freezer paper, and a commercial pattern something like the design you’ve made. Then make adjustments, and go from there. Another idea is to make on of muslin or 1.00 a yd materials to see how it fits before you use the correct fabric.

  6. Lyn B says:

    You can make a paper pattern on a pattern manikin by pinning on the paper and trimming and folding and keeping in mind your original design goal. Make up the garment first in some cheep muslin to be sure it works and it fits. Then make any final pattern changes you need and go for it.

    Or you can find as near similar pattern pieces from other patterns that look like they can be altered to your design and use several pieces from other patterns.

    lots of luck

  7. drip says:

    As a beginner you can’t draft and drape a pattern of your own. Fashion design students take many classes to learn how to do this. This is not a project for a beginner at all.
    You are much better off buying a pattern that is similar to what you want. Even combining 2/3 patterns or making adjustments to a pattern takes experience and know how.
    Have you sewed a dress with a pattern? Can you put in a zipper, or interfacing, a collar, or a pocket, a buttonhole? Take the summer and improve your skills. Start with an easy pattern and move up to harder ones during the summer. Get some books from the library and learn about fabric, color. and prints. Learning to use the right fabric and print for a pattern is as important as knowing how to sew it.

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