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i need some sewing tips…lol?

im in a sewing class and my teacher doesnt teach u anythin
just exept u to no so can anyone tell me where i can thread up a sewing machine and how to sew 2 piece of frabic together

a video is prefered

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  1. LIPPIE says:

    Most machines have a diagram that shows how to thread it, if not then you ask your teacher how to do it. The next step is to put your fabric together right sides facing each other line it up with the 5/8 th stitch line and slowly push the foot pedal to start the machine. Guide the material through the machine until you get to the end of the material. I hope you enjoy sewing, it gives me a lot of relaxation, and you have something to show for it when you get done.

  2. katie-bug says:

    if your teacher isnt showing you how to thread a sewing machine and sew a straight line, she isnt doing her job! Teachers get fired for not doing their job. I would report her to the principal….unless you just arent paying attention? Did you read the manual or ask someone sitting next to you for help? All sewing machines are different, so I really cant help with threading the machine.

  3. pattiann says:

    This how to thread the machine (always have the presser foot up when threading) –

    If the machine you are using has a drop in bobbin, the lid will have a graphic for installing the bobbin into the bobbin case.

    See this site for more graphics –

    How to start sewing –

  4. Lyn B says:

    Nearly every machine is a little different and so you need to patiently as your teach to show you how to thread the machine and watch her closely or take your video camera and do a tape and talk through.

    I have a machine that I can thread but it breaks the thread.
    I have one that I can thread with no problem
    I have one that threads itself but I still have to get out the book when I as it to do it for me.

    Sewing is a lot of fun, so try to be patient and learn. YOu can make your own clothes and clothes for your pets and kids(later) I love nevering having to shop for clothes.

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