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I have no Idea how to use the pattern discs on my singer sewing machine?

This is the first time I’ve sewn anything since hom-ec class way back and we never used pattern discs. I already have the disc loaded correctly but it isn’t sewing the pattern I chose. Do I need to adjust something?The tension maybe, I have no idea. I’ts an older model and I have already consulted the manual, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “I have no Idea how to use the pattern discs on my singer sewing machine?”

  1. Baby says:

    reed the instructions

  2. donya says:

    You must have my old machine! Those discs were so inconvenient but you need to change the st length and the tension. I used to practice on a scrap of fabric until I got it the way I wanted it. and I believe there is another place at the top that needs changing as well.It’s been so long since I had my singer(1980) my memory isn’t what it once was.,but as the other answerer mentioned ,go over the manual. You should see about getting a newer machine, you will think you have died and gone to sewing heaven.

  3. Willeke says:

    On my mothers machine, (50 years old singer) each disk has a little picture on it of the stitch it will make.
    To get the best results the width of the stitch should be at its greatest (5 on the 1 to 5 scale), the length fairly short, (mostly about 1 on the 1 to 5 scale).
    And the tension so that the upper thread just goes in the fabric and the under thread does not show at the top.
    Few if any disks need a different setting to start with.

    After you have the pattern started you can adjust stitch length width to your choice, because you can now see what you do.

    I once made a bag out of an old bed-sheet, several layers for each side, decorated it with straight lines of stitching of each of the disks, different colours for each line.
    Made a perfect practice piece.

    I have used newer machines, but I would not want to buy one, (especially as we nearly never use the fancy stitches anyhow.)

  4. C W says:

    Please do not listen to those who tell you to get a new machine. It sounds like you may have one of the older Singer models, like the 401 through 600 series. All of these machines are highly sought after on EBay and many of us own the newer machines that do sewing and embroidery, BUT would never part with our old machines.

    To help settle your questions on how the machine works, first determine what model the machine is and who made it. (what company). Then sit down to your computer and do a little research. IF you are lucky enough to have a Singer machine, there are many sites on line that can help you and many Yahoo groups also. You also can write back to me and I would be glad to share them with you and all the knowledge that I have on Singers and other old machines. I am a collector of antique and old machines and to this date have 78 beautiful, fully functional machines sitting around my home and in my sewing rooms.

    The older machines sew such fine seams and hold up to much more stress than today’s machines, partly because of the all metal parts that they were made with. Plus if your old machine is tuned up correctly and clean, I doubt you could find a new machine that sews any better than your “experienced” machine, maybe fancier designs, but for general sewing keep your older machine.

    I have listed a few Internet sites for your to start your search.

    Best wishes….
    Cj in N. IL

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