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I have my grandmothers singer sewing machine and I cant find any info on it. HELP!!?

CAT NO. BZ 9-8
S.S. AU52-16-1
Elizabethport N.J.
110-120 Volts
.53 AMP
25-75 cycles
A.C. & D.C.
This is all the information on the machine. I can’t seem to find any serial numbers that start with an AU or a BZ.

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9 Responses to “I have my grandmothers singer sewing machine and I cant find any info on it. HELP!!?”

  1. HDN says:

    Email or call them:

    They are very helpful and responsive.

  2. Richard says:

    Look for the serial number. Usually numbers starting with a letter stamped on the machine.
    Then go to the this website to date your machine.
    Good Luck
    Oh, and definitely it was made at the Singer Elizabethport factory in Elizabeth New Jersey.

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