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I have a 1956 singer sewing machine?

Is it an antique or worth anything? has all its parts

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14 Responses to “I have a 1956 singer sewing machine?”

  1. mykes_ says:

    It’d be considered vintage.
    It’d go for about $ 60-$ 75

  2. girlfriendtisha9969 says:

    You will have to see if it works properly before determining if it has any value. Sewing machines are becoming collectibles, however, a lot of people are still sewing every day with old machines. So it is probably worth more to someone as a working machine.

  3. Ryan says:

    does this question really belong in the video and online games section?

    its the first one in games and recreation.

  4. Cher says:

    anything older than dirt (50 years)
    is considered antique

  5. ? says:

    I have one of these two, perhaps not the same year. Sadly, it still works great so I’ve not found justification to replace it, but I did check on ebay and you’ll find a “Slant-o-Matic” up for auction. It ends in about an hour, listed for $ 25 and has no bids.

    I’ve found these are very common and you’ll have a hard time selling it for anything but about $ 25. Most people who sew want all the cool new features available and those who don’t already have one.

    Try craigslist and see if anyone in your area wants it. I’ve had success with this method and you don’t have to ship.

  6. N O says:

    If you are sure it has all its parts and it isn’t rusted or frozen (sometimes old engines seize up, and would have to be replaced) then it might be worth a decent amount of money. Try looking at some sites like these:

    Or you could check Ebay to see if other sewing machines like yours have been put up for sale. Don’t expect more than $ 100 or so for it, as even new machines are less in demand these days, but you might find a collector and get lucky :)

  7. Kacky says:

    Actually, it will only fetch about $ 35.00 and then only if you find a local buyer – unless it is a Featherweight. Featherweights are valuable.

  8. Kate D says:

    No, not really… It’ll depend on the exact type (very few are worth more than the price of a service – AFTER the service!)

    MOST models were made in the tens of millions. Some in the hundreds of millions, all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of them still exist and are still in good working order!

    A centenary year badge on a sought-after model such as a 401, a 221 or 222 (the Featherweight), a ‘Rocketeer’ (some of the 500 series) will enhance the value of an example in already excellent condition. Refurbished models with modern replacement parts or repainted models are not so valuable to the cognoscenti.

    As with all vintage and antique items, good provenance and an interesting history enhance the value. Damage, missing attachments that WOULD have come with it originally, lack of original user manual, and over-exuberant ‘restoration’ will harm the value.

    To find out if the machine is worth more than pocket money*, you need to know the model. If you don’t know this, send the serial number (in an oval cartouche at the base of the pillar on the right hand side on most black models) to Singer’s HQ, and they will be able to tell you exactly which model it is and where and when it was built.

    *My own collection of vintage Singer and other machines, to give you some idea, includes:

    1956 221 Featherweight: good condition, smell free case, no original attachments**, original manual: valued for insurance at £300, but was a freebie from a friend…

    1923 Singer 66 Handcrank: good head condition, originally with back screw foot, has original manual: bought for £10 in 1976. I could probably get £20 for it on a good day.

    1936 Singer 15-88 (treadle): excellent condition, free gift! Might go for as much as £50 if |I spent that restoring the table…

    1930’s Singer 28 hand crank: freebie!

    You can pick up excellent examples of most 30’s to 60’s models of Singer for under £40 on ebay, (a decent service is about £45 for a mechanical machine), or free from Freecycle. I’ve had several from Freecycle…

    **Beware of folk advertising things as ‘Featherweight attachments’. Other than VERY few bits made especially for this very small machine, most Singer short shank attachments for mechanical straight stitch machines will fit it and were common to all short shank Singer machines.. You need to be careful with modern walking feet, as some don’t fit as well as others…

  9. kay says:

    In good condition, $ 0-50 unless it’s a 221 or 222 or 99 or other highly sought vintage model currently. Quilters will pay (imo) insane prices for a 221, while other straight stitchers that work as well or better go for a song.

    Call 1 800 4 singer with the serial number (it’ll probably start with two letters) and they can generally tell you the model.

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