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I have a 1901 singer sewing machine in its original cabinet great cond. what would it be worth.?

has instruction book and attachments in case

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7 Responses to “I have a 1901 singer sewing machine in its original cabinet great cond. what would it be worth.?”

  1. xenon says:

    Surprisingly very little,they were manufactured to very high standards, and seem to last forever.
    Singer made then by the million, so the world is full of them.
    You will find them in the most remote parts of the globe.
    I would’nt be surprised if they found one on the Moon !

  2. kay says:

    As the first poster said, surprisingly little, though more if it’s a handcrank or treadle machine. I’m guessing maybe $ 100 for a treadle or handcrank. If the attachments are in a “puzzle box”, that’s worth a bit more.

    If you’re interested in finding out what you have, find the serial number and use that to find its “birthday” and model (though that information is not always available, due to some lost record books.)

  3. Dr Awkward says: cabinet, if you mean table/stand usually cast iron and wooden cabinet/case with a working machine and all it’s accessories then it could be worth $ 200-300. More if you get lucky and find the right buyer. A machine in a carrying case that you set on a table are worth about a $ 100 bucks at most. I have an antique shop and I sell the bases (depending on condition) for between $ 25-$ 100 bucks apiece…just a machine in a case $ 25-50 and a machine alone..can’t give ‘em away.
    Ebay is swamped with ‘em right now for cheap.

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