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How to you fix the handwheel on a sewing machine that gets stuck ?

I have a singer Stylist 514 sewing machine and the handwheel is stuck, anyone know how to fix this problem ?
The wheel won’t turn when trying to lift the needle, my choice of words were wrong, as I was sewing, it just kept banging and banging and then I tried to get the needle up and it just stops it won’t turn anymore and it doesn’t feel “sticky or needs oil” just plain stops.

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7 Responses to “How to you fix the handwheel on a sewing machine that gets stuck ?”

  1. sophieb says:

    sounds to me like it hasn’t been oiled in a while. Use only “sewing machine oil” which is lighter than normal oil…get some at a place that sells sewing machines. That should solve the problem, but if not, that sewing machine dealer would have other suggestions for you. Maybe they can suggest someone who fixes their machines.

  2. rense says:

    Lubricated it.

  3. f100_supersabre says:

    It sounds like your “needle” carrier and the “bobbin” carrier are out of “syncronization”, and finally something jammed in the mechanical works. (Possibly broke something!)


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