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how to sew pockets on jeans?

i want to sew pockets on my jeans with a sewing machine. how can i do that without sewing thru the other leg?? i want to add a ipod pocket on the outside of my pants on the leg in front. i could hand sew it but that would take forever.

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  1. kayla.kitten says:

    well originally the leg would have been in two pieces when the pocket was sewed on, so you might have to take it apart if you cannot get the leg aroung the machine so u wont sew through the other side. you might have to hand sew it. some sewing machines have a piece that drops down so its more narrow and you can fit more narrow things over it.

  2. kay says:

    Rip whichever seam (inseam or outseam) is a standard seam (not flat felled). Sew on pocket. Resew inseam or outseam.
    With luck, you can open the pants leg flat enough to sew on the pocket without taking out the hem.

    With some machines, you may be able to sew a pocket on a pants leg in some positions with much to-ing and fro-ing. But ripping out an inseam is much easier.

  3. andy says:

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  4. Lynn says:

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