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How to hand sew neatly?

Well, I like to sew plushies and stuff, and my hand sewing skills arnt very good, and I would like to know how to sew very neatly.

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9 Responses to “How to hand sew neatly?”

  1. Charlie F says:

    Lots and lots of practice with quality sharp needles.

  2. HyperDog says:

    A former girlfriend of mine used to pin stuff about every inch, and apparently that helped her keep the stitching straight (as well as keeping folded edges folded). Her mother was her 4H teacher and, given the fabric, she could make almost anything.

    If I’m not mistaken, I seem to remember her ironing those folded (bias?) edges flat PRIOR to sewing – she’d just press the hot iron down on the fabric – no sliding, just press, pick up and press, etc. By the time she sewed the item, it was nice and flat and easy to run a straight stitch. She would do that even if she was using the sewing machine.

    (it was a loooong time ago, over 40 years!)

  3. kay says:

    Practice. I’ve been known to give beginners pieces of Aida cloth to begin with if their hand sewing skills are wobbly — usually about 10 ct Aida to begin with (10 holes per inch), then 18 ct when they got better. After you get a rhythm going, you can feel if you’re about to misplace a stitch when you’re handsewing other fabrics.

    Here’s a 19th century manual of hand sewing that’s good:

    Here’s what Aida cloth looks like: and you can find it just about anywhere cross stitch supplies are sold. Wash it before you try stitching on it, so it feels more like the fabric you’ll be using later.

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