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How much will it cost to get my sewing machine fixed?

I have a 1970’s Pfaff sewing machine but it doesn’t work anymore. I plug it in and turn the light on, but when I press the pedal the needle doesn’t move. It makes a sound like the motor is working, though. If I take it to my local fabric store will they be able to fix it and around how much will it cost?

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  1. Serah`Luv`Muzikl`Nyt`Sky says:

    AMaybe around 20-30 dollars to get something like that it fixed. (maybe less depending on where you go). And they should be able to fix it. You could try looking at fabric stores, or places they use sewing machines. Someone may be able to help you.

    Thanks! Hope this helped.. :D

  2. wardrobebycj says:

    Not many fabric stores repair sewing machines, but they may have referrals. Do a search for “sewing machine repair” in your area. In general there is a basic service fee plus parts. The fee will vary by region, but it is more likely to be in the $ 50-$ 100 range.

  3. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    If the motor is working it may just need a new belt.
    You know the bit on the right hand side that you can turn manually and makes the needle go up and down. There is a rubber belt (ring) around this which when working properly the motor drives round and the needle moves. Over time this rubber belt stretches which makes it too loose to operate the needle.
    If the problem is the motor then that sounds expensive.

  4. pattiann42 says:

    If repair is necessary, take it to a Pfaff dealer and not a fabric store where a local repair guy will pick it up, take it home, service the machine (it may not need repair) and return it to the store. He will charge at least $ 60. $ 20 won’t pay for his gas.

    Before taking the machine in for service, do you have a manual* for your machine? Check to see if the bobbin winding feature has been disengaged.

    There are different methods, depending on the brand and model of sewing machine. Some have a knob in the center of the hand wheel that has to be tightened for sewing and loosened for bobbin winding. When loosened, the needle will not move.

    There may also be a bobbin winding clutch next to the bobbin pin that you have to move away from the pin for sewing and toward the pin for bobbin winding.

    * See if you can find your model or one similar here for reference –

    If you need to order a manual and do not find your model, contact the above site as some manuals cover more than one model. The site also has a troubleshooting section that may be of help.

  5. kay says:

    When’s the last time this machine was cleaned and lubricated?

    Fabric stores rarely have sewing machine shops in them any more (there are exceptions, but they are indeed exceptions). You’ll either need a sewing machine mechanic (basic clean-oil-adjust charge around me is $ 60-80; add parts and repair time on top of that if they’re needed), or you’ll need to learn to DIY. Since this machine is out of warranty, if you like to tinker or just want to learn, consider joining the yahoo group “wefixit” ( ) and give them the make and model and the symptoms you’re seeing, and talk to them about the feasibility of home diagnosis and repair. My guess is that you may have a sewing machine with a faulty bobbin winding mechanism, a broken belt (easy fix) or a really gunked up machine that’s stalling (also usually pretty easy).

  6. Rizogalo K says:

    im not sure how much it would cost. BUT you should deffinately fix it those machines are fantastic they are worth alot … whatever it costs it would be worth it

  7. luis says:

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