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how much is my singer sewing machine worth?

its an antique but I dont know how old it is the model number is D1136809

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  1. the_emrod says:

    Unfortunately, beautiful pieces of machinery though they are, these are two a penny. Generally you can pick them up from charity shops for a few tens of pounds at most. Mine is from 1937 and I got it for a tenner 20 years ago – a bargain as I have used it frequently.

    I have looked yours up and it dates to 1909 so it might be worth more. Type “singer sewing machine serial numbers” into your search engine.

  2. kay says:

    You’ve got one of a lot of 25,000 model 66 machines commissioned on June 2, 1909, at the Elizabethport, NJ plant… and there are still a lot of 66s around.

    Value depends on what you can talk someone into paying for it, which is conditioned by rarity (this is not a rare machine), how close to museum quality it is, what accessories are included, and what the power source is. For instance, in the PNW, I can pretty commonly find electric 66s for $ 10-20. Add maybe $ 50 to that for a handcrank or treadle. add a little more for a machine in good condition in a nice cabinet and a puzzlebox of attachments.

    Here’s the manual for your machine: — put 66 in the search box and click on the free download.


    Except for some with a cult following like the Singer 221/222 and lately the 301 and 401, 20th century sewing machines are generally not worth a whole lot.

  3. pattiann42 says:

    Sorry – not much if anything at all.

    A one time Singer was King/Queen of the sewing machines and were sold, door to door.

    Everyone had a Singer and now every heir has a Singer and they do not know what to do with it.

    The once prized machines now sit at flea markets and in attics gathering dust.

  4. Louise says:

    Although your machine may not be worth what you hoped for, checking out the possible value was smart. Some people may think the Singer sewing machines in their attics collecting dust are not worth anything…think again.
    The Singer Featherweight is highly sought after by quilters. It can bring anywhere from $ 40.00 – $ 500.00+ depending on the model number, condition and attachments. It is a basic straight stitch machine that needs little maintenance, and is perfect to take to classes because it is small and “featherweight”. Check out Singer Featherweights on ebay you will be surprised at the amount of $ they can bring.

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