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How many watts does a sewing machine need?

I want to buy a sewing machine (new) for use on my yacht. I use an inverter to go from DC to AC and so before I buy one, I need to know whether my inverter can handle the power.

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  1. Duane L says:

    Go shopping and look for yourself the power consumption in watts, then you can buy the one that will work for you with the lowest power consumption. My wife’s machine uses 100 watts max. I suspect you can find them from 25 to 200 watts.

  2. paack says:

    Watch out for lower quality inverters, they may not be able handle the motor speed control in the sewing machine. You can get an inverter that can run a small fridge these days, so get a large inverter with a low “quiescent current” (power that is used when nothing is plugged into it) , then you can use any normal sewing machine.

  3. josef508 says:

    This link claims that the typical sewing machine will require 100 Watts. Thus, to use the engineer’s rule of thumb, you’ll need an invertor able to supply 125 Watts (assuming you sew using daylight) more if you’ll have additional electric items switched on at the same time (radio, autopilot, …)

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