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How is a sewing machine different to sewing by hand?

I know this sounds like a stupid question, but how is it different to sew using a machine as opposed to your hands? What can the machine do that your hands can’t? (haha that sounds so dodgy)

Is it easy to learn how to use one? I sew by hand a lot and want to try and make shorts and jeans, would I be able to do that using a machine?


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9 Responses to “How is a sewing machine different to sewing by hand?”

  1. scrubby wubbs says:

    sewing machine takes less time to sew shorts and stuff but dont just free way it if ur making a quilt because it will look MUCH nicer by hand as my grandma says (as in making a quilt) if its machiene it aint worthy enough to sleep in or hang up
    hope i helped

  2. Alexis C says:

    A sewing machine is quicker and easier to use.

  3. Jean L says:

    A sewing machine will give you a more even and more sturdy seam, and will look more professional.
    Look at the inside of a seam on some garment you own. See how even and close the stitching is?
    The machine will also let you make a wide variety of different stitches for different uses. Yes, a
    machine is perfect for making shorts and jeans.

    Sewing by hand is a lot harder than using a machine. It is easy to learn, and that skill will give you a lifetime of pleasure. See if you can find a store near you — maybe a fabric store — that offers sewing machine lessons. If you find you enjoy it, you can then buy an inexpensive basic machine (which is really all you need) and off you go!

  4. Suzetta W says:

    First let me congratulate you on your sewing ambitions. It is a hobby that will bring you much joy and save money besides.

    A sew machine is easy to use and much faster than sewing by hand. The stitches will most likely be more uniform than hand stitching no matter how skilled you are.

    Most places that sell machines, except Wal-Mart, let you try them out. Some sewing machine stores will even rent you one and show you how to use it. They do that so you will come back and buy one. You can either buy a new machine or buy a trade in from a sewing machine dealer, sort of like buying a used car.

  5. Shelby says:

    they are easier, faster, and faster. you cfan do larger projects in less time and more effectivley. when i was 7 my neighbor taught me how to use a machine.

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