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How do you keep the string from unraveling for the sewing machine?

When you physically sew with a needle, you start and end by making knots. What do I have to do to keep the string unraveling for the sewing machine?

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  1. Pat B says:

    You go to the end of the seam and then back-up about 1/4″ and then forward to the end again and that locks the seam at the end.

  2. kay says:

    You can do several things:

    1) A seam end that will later be crossed by a second seam does not need to be secured. Example… sew the side seams on a skirt — the top and bottom of the seam will later be crossed by the waistband seam and the hem. Nothing needed to secure the side seam.

    2) Make your beginning and ending stitches tiny. You can either set the machine stitch length to very short or you can keep the fabric from feeding for three or four stitches at the beginning and end of a seam. This is an old factory technique from before the machines could stitch in reverse. Works very well, and it’s what I do most often.

    3) You can backstitch. Most machines have a button or lever that you can push to back over your stitching for a few stitches, and then start going forward again.

    4) You can tie the ends of the top and bobbin thread together with something like a square knot. This is rarely used.

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