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How do you adjust the tenion on a singer sewing machine model 6215c?

I want to start sewing again and my mothers sewing machine is old and the tension is undone and she lost the manual so plz help thanks
its in pretty good shape

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2 Responses to “How do you adjust the tenion on a singer sewing machine model 6215c?”

  1. Kacky says:

    If her machine is old, it needs a tuneup and professional cleaning, or it won’t work anyway. They can show you where to adjust the tension. It’s usually a knob on the front of the machine. You can experiment by sewing with different tension settings and see what gives the best stitch, but again if the machine hasn’t been serviced, it won’t work very well.

  2. sewmuchfun says:

    hello and welcome to the sewing realm……….this is a link that should help you to purchase a manual……which I highly suggest you do…If your machine is old but has been taken care of then having the manual will help with the tension settings as well as other questions that might crop up while you learn to sew…..the very first thing when learning to sew is to learn how to operate the machine..and use it to it’s fullest abilities……this is the biggest reason why people give up learning to sew. Things that go wrong are usually simple and fixable problems due to operator error…The basics to start you off with is the manual for the machine….Learn how to thread and always read the trouble shooting guide found in the manual before things happen and you will know in advance what to do if something crops up and can fix the problem quickly and with less frustration….Needle size and styles play a major role in the success of sewing…Hope things work out for you and good luck!!!
    Here is the link for the manual…

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