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How do I put my sewing foot back together?

The two parts of my sewing foot came apart as I was jimmying some elastic out of my feeder. The two metal parts will not go back together. I’m sure that I just have to force it, but was wondering if anyone had advice.

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5 Responses to “How do I put my sewing foot back together?”

  1. Bingalee says:

    It should show you in the manuel that came with your machine.Without seeing it it’s impossible to say how as different brands have different set ups.

  2. Gabsmycat says:

    It sounds to me like you have “snap on feet” If that is the case, aline the metal bar on your foot to the groove in the part that at is thumb screwed to the post. Drop the foot feed lever and press down on the thumbscrew until you hear it snap.

  3. says:

    You probably have a 2 piece foot. The actual foot has a bar across it, do u see it. On the back of the foot holder is a flipper, which enables u to change the feet out with out taking the complete unit off. If u have the instructions, look thru them they can help. Most of sewing machine today use this options, because the feet are costly. Put ur finger on the back of the unit and press the foot on, lower the presser foot on the bar. when it snaps back on ur ready to go.

  4. johnny says:

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  5. floyd says:

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