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How do I get started sewing as a hobby?

Over the upcoming summer break, I’ve decided I want to take up sewing as a hobby. I have some minimal skills (I can sew on a button and have used a sewing machine a few times) but I want to be able to create things. The main thing I’m interested in is clothing altering and construction. My problem is that I don’t have any idea where to get started. I don’t have anyone to teach me in person. How do I get started? Is there a book I should get to guide me?
Is there a specific book you would suggest, or should I just walk into the store and say “Hey, do you have any books on sewing?” and see what the attendant tells me?

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  1. Scott says:

    Check for tutorials on YouTube.

  2. Jenna says:

    start easy and yes there are many books

  3. kay says:

    Do you want to hand sew, or do you want to machine sew? Getting up to speed on either takes some practice time; for machine sewing, it’s especially useful to have someone teach you the basics, because otherwise it’s often an exercise in frustration.

    First. have you checked the books and videos your local library owns? Often, one book will seem clear to one person, and complete mud to someone else. If they’ve got a variety, there’s usually a book or video that will suit the way you learn. (Most of the youtube videos are either teaching difficult ways to do easy things or are hideously incomplete.)

    Another way of getting started is to get some well made but damaged or outgrown clothes from your closet or a thrift shop and take them apart, documenting how they’re made, where the interfacing is, what types of seams are used, what order are the seams sewn in — and then when you’ve got it all apart, stitch it back together again.

    Here are some more recommendations:

  4. thejanith says:

    Go to the public library and borrow 3 or 4 books on sewing. Get at least one that has really good illustrations, at least one that has really good written descriptions, and at least one from the children’s department — especially if you’re no longer a “children.” They tend to have simpler projects than grown-ups’ books and really clear instructions.

    Borrow all 3 or 4 of them. Read through them and see which ones make more sense to you (if you’re an auditory learner, the descriptions will work best; if you’re visual, the illustrations will.) Then, pick a project at the beginning of one of the books — stick with something small and easy to finish, like a cell phone case or a small bag. Read through the pattern for that project.

    Start by making simple things like tote bags and throw pillows and aprons. Since you’re on break over the summer, get some darker fabrics and get a jump on your Christmas presents! Most of the women in your family would be pleased to get tote bags or an apron or something like that from you for Christmas. Do, however, remember that colors change with the seasons. Use “winter colors” for things you’ll be giving to someone in the winter. Some colors are good all year, of course, like pure reds, blue, greens, and purples.

  5. Mommiedearest says:

    Any of the books your considering on buying can be seen on the internet with the information they are supplying. Find someone to teach you the different fabrics. Go to duct tape and make a mannequin of yourself to make your own clothing. You may want to make clothing for pre teens. Anything that you think of for information is right here on your computer. I had written you a long list of things to do and somehow the computer go it’s letter messed up and deleted it so this is a substitute for you. Make and design clothing and I hope to see your name on your own line of clothing. Right at the moment this is all that I can think of for you but you can let me know if there is something that is missing.

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