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How do I fix the timing belt on a sewing machine?

I have an older model Singer machine where the bottom thread bunches up on the underside of the sewn material. I have been told that it is the timing belt that needs to be adjusted. I want to do this on my own. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. JACK HOFF says:

    Dang if I know

  2. Silly Girl says:

    There has to be marks – that have to be lined up – when the two pulleys come together – and the belt has to be adjusted so that these two marks align. You should take off the belt and put it back on making sure that these two marks are where they are suppose to be.

    You have two pulleys – they will have a hole and a mark on each one. Take a straight edge and line these two holes and there marks up with each – with the center of the holes and marks matching up with each other, each touching the straight edge. So you should – hole, mark, mark hole. Then put the belt back on.

    If that doesn’t work turn one of the pulleys, the smallest one, over hand 360 degrees or one complete revolution.

  3. Robin K says:

    The cause of thread bunching up on the underside of the seam is NOT the timing belt.

    It is the upper tension that is too loose, allowing the needle thread (not the bobbin thread) to “throw” loops that are too big.

    Increase the tension dial (on the front of the machine near the take-up bar that moves up and down as you sew) and see if that solves your problem. Most home sewing machines should have the tension dial set between 3 and 5 for normal use; lower numbers for thin fabrics and higher numbers for heavier.

    Also be sure your bobbin is threaded in its case correctly.

    I would not recommend fiddling with the timing belt yourself. If your machine is “out of time” the result will be the needle hitting the “hook” or the bobbin case, and usually breaking, not loops of thread.

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