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How do I fix my Singer sewing machine ?

My Singer sewing machine has been working perfectly but suddenly it skipped stitches and now it just stop working. It’s not sewing anything. The needle is working but not picking the thread from the bobbin.

I’ve changed the needle. I’ve cleaned the machine, I’ve changed the bobbin, I’ve re-thread. I’m going crazy since I really really want to finish the project I’m doing.

Anyone help please ?

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2 Responses to “How do I fix my Singer sewing machine ?”

  1. Heather says:

    I am assuming the machine still has power and the needle goes up and down.

    You may have knocked the timing out. This happens when the you continue sewing with a damaged needle.

    People do not change their needles enough. 8-10 hours of sewing is maximum for a needle. And if you hit a pin while sewing, change the needle. Needles can also get bent and warped.

    The timing isn’t a huge deal to fix, but it does require specific tools that are not available to the layperson so you will have to bring it repair shop.

  2. jimmy says:

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