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How do I adjust needle/bobbin timing on a Singer 5123 sewing machine?

Needle is hitting the bobbin assembly on the downstroke; cleaning, oiling and new needle do not help.
Also, there are no “timing scores” on the vertical bar leading up from the needle on this model of machine.
This is not an industrial machine.

I already own the manual; it doesn’t include instructions on how to time the needle/bobbin hook or adjust their positions.
I’ve changed needles. Nothing appears to be wrong with the needle clamp.
There are various models of sewing machines that need the timing adjusted frequently, as I’ve now learned by reading online postings from frustrated sewers.
I sew with heavy fabrics, and I just erroneously switched to a shaky sewing table – which makes a timing issue more likely to happen.

I may be a member of “wefixit” Yahoo group; will check there if nothing else turns up.

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11 Responses to “How do I adjust needle/bobbin timing on a Singer 5123 sewing machine?”

  1. rashkb2001 says:

    go to : _instruction_manual_5123.htm
    and down load the manual for the sewing machine. It’ll be worth the $ 8.00.

  2. cheezy says:

    well–If this is an industrial machine-then I can maybe help.
    On the baseplate there is a rounded metal button that you push & hold down while turning the wheel. use scissors or some other hard object to push & hold the button down. sometimes you have to turn the wheel to a certain position until the button will push in proper. fart around with it, letting go of the button now & then to test it.
    hope that makes sense

    also make sure your needle position is set to “center”

  3. kay says:

    Make sure you’ve got the right needle for the machine… that definitely affects the timing.

    Otherwise, I’d send you to the yahoo group “wefixit”, which is a helpful and knowledgeable group of sewing machine mechanics, amateur and professional.

    PS: take the current needle out of the needle clamp and see if there’s a bit of thread or lint caught up in the needle clamp. Replace the needle and see if that cures the timing problem. It’s really pretty rare that the timing actually needs adjustment unless you’ve had a fairly major accident, like driving the needle into the presser foot, etc. It’s more common that the needle isn’t sitting up far enough in the needle clamp.

  4. Richard says:

    Definatly out of time…
    What you will have to do is loosen a set screw that holds the lower gears below the hook drive underneith togeather. When its loose, separate the gears. This will allow you to put the hook point just barely above the needle eye (on the upstroke). Then mesh the gears back togeather and tighten the set screw.
    Best I can educatably guess right now.
    Good luck.

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