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How can I preserve a sewing pattern?

I’m new to sewing, and was wondering if there was a way that I can preserve a sewing pattern. I’ve been making my son a bunch of pajamas, but the pattern is starting to get a bit ragged, and I hate spending the money to buy another pattern again. Any suggestions or helpful hints????

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10 Responses to “How can I preserve a sewing pattern?”

  1. Alwyn C says:

    Just buy yourself a roll of brown paper and lay the old pattern out on it and cut around it. Using a pen copy all markings off the old pattern onto your new one. Fold up the new pattern and put it away carefully until next time, and throw out the old one.

  2. KristenCO says:

    They sell stuff at the fabric store that is a fabric/paper type material that you buy by the yard. It is made for tracing patterns. Some have red dots on it, so that things are easy to line up. It doesn’t rip like paper does. I recommend ALWAYS using that stuff, then you don’t ever have to cut up your patterns – just trace it in the size you want. And, if you make several in one size, this stuff holds up way better than paper.

    Just go to the fabric store, and ask for “the stuff you buy by the yard to trace patterns onto”.

  3. nrsejlie1 says:

    I tape all the edges of my patterns with clear tape as well as any areas that need to be folded for size. That way you can continue to use the pattern as your child grows into the bigger sizes on the pattern. If any rips develop, I just tape as needed.

    Hope this helps! Happy sewing! :)

  4. Critter says:

    You can also use tracing paper, tissue paper or thin newsprint to trace the pattern on. I use this method a lot, especially since I have 2 girls that are about 3 sizes apart. I can buy one pattern and trace out both sets of sizes and never cut the real pattern. It also works to preserve multi-size patterns for growing kids.

  5. Lynn C says:

    I very often press my sewing patterns onto waxed paper. This preserves and strengthens the pattern while keeping the original paper pattern intact with all its markings.

  6. djhogan says:

    Make a new pattern by tracing the old on freezer paper, or tracing paper, or if you are going to use it alot, try laminating unless it is to big. I also know people who make patterns out of newspaper or brown grocery bags. If the pattern is small enough.

  7. Ashley says:

    well what i usually do is get some cheap fabric (like muslim) or tissue paper from walmart or a fabric store and i trace the pieces onto it along with the symbols and markings.

  8. h_brida says:

    I use Scotch Magic Tape [TM] or similar to reinforce weak areas.

    I also stack fabric when I’m going to cut several of the same thing in the same size. It saves wear and tear on the pattern and is easier on my back.

  9. Kirk says:

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