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good sewing machines??

I’ve had an ancient sewing machine forever and it finally broke.
I’m a teen and i just wanted a new good quality machine that will last so i can sew clothes. no more then $ 250iishh. a list would be great. Thanks! =)

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  1. Sharon W says:

    Do not buy a new sewing machine.

    Go onto and search for one. You can buy a great sewing machine for next to nothing. If it breaks …have it repaired. It doesn’t cost much to have them repaired. Mine is an old Singer sewing machine, has broken a couple of times, (usually my fault)…. and I just have it repaired.

  2. jeanne s says:

    I love my Bernina! I have two and prefer the older one. I have had Singers, and they are like driving a Mack truck compared with a smooth sedan. Check EBay and sewing and quilting websites for used Berninas, or look for used machines at sewing centers – they may have trade-ins.

  3. Grandma says:

    check out your local sewing machine dealers…they usually have trade-ins and they will have been serviced and brought up to snuff for sale at a reasonable price!

  4. oil field trash says:

    Most places have at least one person who repairs machines. They usually have some second hand machines. Some of these are actually superior to new machines because the parts are all metal and not plastic.

    Many of these machines don’t do all of the new fancy stitches but if they can zig-zag and do a button hole, there is very little you can’t sew with one of them.

  5. says:

    Try and see if you can find an answer there.

  6. kay says:

    In the under $ 250 new range, I’d send you to look at Janome and Kenmore, many of which are Janome in disguise. They seem to be the best of the cheaper new machines, though I’d rather like to see you go up to about $ 300 if at all possible… there’s a big jump in features and quality right about there, from what I’m seeing.

    Otherwise my best advice:

    The best deals are going to be used machines. John Giordano’s The Sewing Machine Book may help you get your old one back on its feet or help you figure out what pre-loved machine you want. I’d also suggest reviewing the initial and final chapters of Carol Ahles’ book Fine Machine Sewing. You’re likely to find both at your public library. If you do want to try a do-it-yourself repair, you might try the yahoo group “wefixit”, for folks who like fixing old mechanical sewing machines. Good information there, and access to parts in many instances.

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